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Vitas Loan
Vitas Loan Do you wish to develop or expand your small or medium sized business? Fransabank, in collaboration with Vitas SAL*, provides you with the right financial solution to help you develop your business activity and improve your income. With this microcredit program and the financial facilities it offers, you can now guarantee a better life for a brighter tomorrow! ​  
What are the types of Vitas loans?
  • Loans for small to medium sized ongoing projects
  • Loans for house improvement
  • Micro credit loans and HL
  • Small business loan

What do you get?
  • Loan amount: from USD 300 to USD 15,000 or its c/v in LBP, depending on the size of project, income and required guarantee
  • Repayment period: up to 60 months
  • Free access to our internet banking - iBank, telephone banking - call center

How can you repay your loan?
Through equal monthly installments that can reach up to 33% of your monthly income

How does it work?
To qualify for the Vitas Loan:
  • You should be of Lebanese nationality or have a legal residency permit covering the loan’s period
  • You should own a small-to-medium sized project being operational for a minimum of 1 year
  • You should be an employee for a minimum of 1 year with low income
  • You should be between 18 and 64 years old

What are the required steps?
  • Visit any designated Fransabank branch to meet the Vitas representative
  • Vitas representative will shortly conduct a field visit to your work premises for file study and to help you fill the application form
  • The full file is sent to the granting jury
  • Once you attain your file approval, you can receive your money from any designated Fransabank

What are the guarantees needed?
  • Tangible security or guarantor who is employed in the public sector or in an eligible private institution
​​​​​*Vitas s.a.l established in 1999 was the first Lebanese microfinance company to be registered with central bank as a non banking financial institution in 2007.​

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