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Platinum Mastercard

Fransabank Platinum Mastercard is the defining purchasing tool for premium cardholders looking for worldwide acceptance, excellent service and access to remarkable benefits. If your passion is about savoring life's pleasures, this card is up to the task.

With a very high spending limit and high cash advance, a world of exclusive benefits tailored to your lifestyle, Fransabank Platinum Mastercard allows you to enjoy the finest things in life offering you a wealth of privileges which make all the difference in the world.

Concierge Services
Enjoy exclusive, personal assistance with dinner reservations, event tickets and coordinating business related arrangements. Get assistance virtually anytime, anywhere with Platinum Mastercard Concierge service.
Enjoy a world of many IAPA* exclusive benefits:
  • Private clubs access: the key to over 300 clubs around the world
  • Golf savings: up to 50% off green fees at over 250 golf clubs around the world
  • Golf hotels & resorts access: special rates and discounts at over 100 leading golf hotels and resorts worldwide
  • Hotel discounts: up to 50% off reservations at more than 20,000 hotels around the world
  • Car rental discounts: up to 30% off from different car rental companies worldwide
  • Travel Services: a dedicated international service that provides easy hotel and car rental reservations by phone, fax or e-mail
  • City & country facts: vital destination information including visa requirements, transportation options, places of interest and more


Travel & Lifestyle
Fransabank Platinum Mastercard gives you access* to the following airport lounges:
  • ​Airport lounge Access

  • Diamond Lounge VIP Terminal

  • Crown Lounge

  • Aspire Lounge (No.41) Terminal 3

  • Miracle First Class Lounge International Concourse G

  • Sala VIP Miro Terminal 1

  • Diamond Lounge Terminal B

  • First Class Lounge Terminal 1
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 3
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 3
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 1
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 2
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 2


  • Pearl Lounge (Departures) Terminal 2
  • Marhaba Lounge


  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Concourse C
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Concourse B
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 Concourse A
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 1 Concourse D


  • Sky Lounge Terminal 2


  • Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 1


  • First Class Lounge North Terminal


  • Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA1 (Satellite)


  • Dasman Premier Lounge Terminal 1


  • Aspire, The Lounge at LHR T5 Terminal 5


  • Wingtips Lounge Terminal 4


  • Star Alliance Lounge Terminal 1


  • Passenger Lounge Terminal 3


  • SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 3


  • Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures) Terminal 1​

As Fransabank Platinum Mastercard cardholder, you will directly become a member in Priority Pass* which gives you access to 1200 airport lounges around the world as well as a set of distinctive and preferential services. Just show your Priority Pass Card and relax in comfort, watch TV and catch up on business (32 USD per visit ​).

(*) For cards with Full Options only​

Cleartrip Travel Discount

Visit the Cleartrip website and book any airline or hotel using your Fransabank Debit Platinum Card and enjoy up-to-30% discount on your travel booking.
Simply go to, select your airfare and/or hotel nights, and enter promo code MASTERCARD

Protection and Reassurance
Benefit from Purchase Protection Insurance policy when shopping with your card whether in Lebanon or abroad. Insurance coverage maximum benefit amounts are as follows:
  • Purchase Protection Per occurrence: $2,000 / Per aggregate: $5,000
  • Fraudulent Charges Card Lost Per occurrence: $2,000/ Per aggregate: $3,000
  • Fraudulent Charges Card Not Lost Per occurrence: $2,000 / Per aggregate: $3,000

If you are a Fransabank Platinum Mastercard cardholder, you can also benefit from a Travel Accident Insurance Policy* covering up to USD 1 million when buying your airfare ticket on the card. The policy covers you against accidental death and medical expenses incurred from accidents you might be subjected to while abroad for a period not exceeding 90 days.  (*) For cards with Full Options only


Loyalty & Rewards
Benefit from one of the most flexible Cash Back Reward programs in town whereby the more you spend on your card at Point of Sales in Lebanon and abroad, the more you collect cash. Live the lifestyle you want by having more purchasing power, placed at your disposal anytime. You build up your Cash Back throughout the life of your card with us and redeem them at your convenience anytime you want.

Embark into Mastercard Priceless Arabia tale and get ready to discover a unique and priceless collection of offers and experiences specially curated for Mastercard cardholders. Pamper your senses and indulge in a large array of exceptional deals and experiences! Learn more about Priceless Arabia special offers and how can you register by visiting the following website: Being a loyal customer to Fransabank, get airplane ticket discounts when flying with MEA and Qatar Airways. Call our Customer Service for booking on: + 961 1 739300​


​Financial Sophistication

With Fransabank Platinum Mastercard, you'll receive a year-end account summary, a convenient tool for accounting and tax preparation which helps you identify and manage your personal spending trends and patterns. It's just one of many features that help you stay in control of your money while you take advantage of all the benefits of a Platinum Mastercard.


Online Service Flexibility
Besides the exclusive key financial and lifestyle benefits that Fransabank Platinum Mastercard offers, stay connected from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world through our full-fledged e-services that include:
  • Free Onli​ne Banking Service: Access your account anytime, anywhere through our online banking service​
  • ​SMS Alert that notifies you on your mobile about the transactions made on your card every time you use it
  • E-Statement with a detailed monthly or annual summary of your Card account details, pushed straight to your inbox

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