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Fransabank continues to promote culture through a diverse range of associations, collaborations and sponsorships. Whether via alliances with NGOs or cultural associations or by directly funding community projects, the Bank seeks to select avenues for inspiration that provide value to society.
Fransabank Inaugurates the 9th Edition of JABAL 2013

Fransabank Inaugurates the 9th Edition of JABAL 2013
Fransabank confirmed once again its role as a supporter to new artists and a talents’ discoverer by inaugurating the 9th Edition of JABAL “Jeunes Artistes des Beaux Arts du Liban”; asserting once again its leading role in developing cultural openness and supporting national vivacity. 
Fransabank has created in 1998 “JABAL” exhibition, aiming at promoting new Lebanese contemporary art. 
From 1998 to 2006, JABAL exhibitions launched each year over 300 talents of young artists from different Lebanese regions, out of who more than fifty are today a pride to the nation. The event was afterward halted because of the political situation in Lebanon, but was revived last year as Fransabank inaugurated the 2013 Edition of JABAL Exhibition, in Beirut. 
The exhibition, which budget exceeded USD 60,000, showcased the work of 25 promising artists who were selected by JABAL’s artistic committee to evaluate a considerable Lebanese art collection with more than 500 paintings exhibited. 
A wide number of art lovers and media joined together to outlook a variety of artworks, ranging from paintings, photographs, sculptors, among a variety of oeuvres. The event was a success as the participant artists sold most of their exposed art pieces.

JABAL Historical Milestones
JABAL 1998: Burj Sbeih, Tripoli Al Mina, North of Lebanon
JABAL 1999: Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA), Beirut
JABAL 2000: Khan el-Franj, Saida, South of Lebanon
JABAL 2001: Beit el-Herafi, Zouk Mikael, Mount Lebanon
JABAL 2002: Hotel Kadri, Zahle, Bekaa 
JABAL 2003: Aley, Mount Lebanon
JABAL 2004: Paul Guiragossian Museum, New Jdeideh, Mount Lebanon
JABAL 2006: Fransabank Center, Hamra, Beirut
The ensuing war and political turmoil resulted in a temporary halt of JABAL annual exhibitions.
JABAL 2013: The comeback… Le Gray Hotel, Beirut

Uplifting the Past

Fransabank’s support of culture has helped breathe new life into many of the country’s most important institutions, such as the Beirut Theater, which was successfully rehabilitated thanks to funding from the Bank following the end of the war in 1993. The National Museum is another recipient of donations from the Bank to ensure it retains its rightful place at the heart of the nation’s cultural offering. As the country emerged from the civil war, Fransabank saw the need to invest in hope for the future and felt compelled to contribute to the nation’s prosperity. With this in mind, the Bank was a major sponsor of the entire reconstruction and renovation of the National Museum. When it finally reopened in the late 1990s, after more than two decades of closure, the museum represented a new era in Lebanon’s cultural landscape, signaling the renaissance of the nation’s profile as a country of history, heritage and civilization rather than of war. Today it not only attracts schoolchildren eager to learn of their past but also tourists who discover Lebanon’s valuable contribution to the world.

Revitalizing Communities

Revitalizing Communities

The Bank believes in reaching out to the population at large through the medium of culture. This necessitates looking beyond the capital to other areas where financing for cultural projects can revitalize communities, cities and prospects. An example of this is the restoration of Tripoli’s historic Koura Square, which was carried out with the help of a USD 100,000 donation from Fransabank. The Koura Plaza project beautifully restored the area’s traditional building facades and invigorated its potential as a tourist destination in North Lebanon. 

The Bank contributed also to the restoration of the Museum of Ehden “Koubra Monument” located in Ehden Town, North of Lebanon. The Koubra Monument is characterized for its authentic traditional Lebanese architecture, its patrimonial and historical values. In its support in restoring and maintaining Ehden’s historic charm, Fransabank once again takes the lead in all aspects of cultural heritage.

In addition to Al Urfan Institution for the orphans and needy people received a donation form Fransabank for its rehabilitation and for the purchase of equipment.​

Fransabank Launches Warda El Jazairia’s Latest Video Clip “EYYAM”

Not only as a major regional financial player, but also as an advocate for life’s universal essence, love, peace and forgiveness, Fransabank Group launched Warda al Jazairia’s latest song “Eyyam.”
Honoring Warda Al Jazairia for her latest song “Eyyam”, in both Algeria and Beirut, came as an artistic initiative and tactful step from Fransabank Group to the icon of the Arab art, who has walked beyond the borders through her voice and her presence to enter every Arab home; and the pride was to Fransabank being a key partner in launching an event that tackles the essence of life.
Fransabank El Djazaïr, a banking subsidiary in Algeria, sponsored, through EURO 200,000, Warda’s video clip, which was produced in 2009 under the supervision of the diva but was finalized later, after the sudden death of the Algerian-Lebanese icon.

Fransabank Sponsors Baalbeck International Festival

Fransabank Sponsors Baalbeck International Festival
As a witness to the contemporary history of Lebanon, Fransabank sponsored Baalbeck International Festival, which is a real national institution and an integral part of the cultural fabric of every Lebanese’s collective memory and artistic identity. 
The Festival is the bright face of the real Lebanon but sometimes has been obstinate with the prevailing circumstances. This is what we witnessed this year with the worsening situation in the Bekaa region. Yet, the Bank refused to abandon its annual main supporting role, and was the main sponsor for Baalbeck International Festival 2013. The Festival committee proceeded in the march as usual, and picked this time another spot in Lebanon named “La Magnanerie ", Bauchrieh – Mount Lebanon. 
From here, and because we share the same values, we were proud to be partner with Baalbeck International Festival in its copy of 2013, hoping that the meeting will be renewed in 2014 in the arms of Baalbeck, so that the applause keeps echoing in the temples, and withstands as its steadfastness.

Fransabank at the Heart of Beiteddine Art Festival

Fransabank at the Heart of Beiteddine Art Festival
And here it is, in 2013, showing up in one of the most outstanding festivals not only in Lebanon but also the Middle East; Beiteddine Art Festival, conveying its universal messages as an act of faith in Lebanon’s cultural role, an embodiment of ingenuity, and a call for peace. 
Annually, the festival presents unique vivid performances by Lebanese and international artists.  However, and when The Beiteddine Art Festival announced its lineup for the 2013 edition, “Splendid!”, Fransabank chose to sponsor the multitalented China National Acrobatic Troupe, in a twelve-act program that combines music, dance as well as acrobatics.
Maybe Fransabank and the festival are two different entities, but what is doubtless is that both of them were born and has grown in very difficult times, and yet made it against all odds.

Fransabank sponsored Al Bustan Festival

Fransabank sponsored Al Bustan Festival
Fransabank was proud to be for another consecutive year, a sponsor of Al Bustan Festival, and part of the aspirations it offers to Lebanese music and art enthusiasts. The year 2013 program was full of excitement and refinement. Fransabank selected in particular the performance entitled “Wagner Unleashed”, with the Helikon Opera and conductor Vladimir Ponkin, highly renowned and recognized performance.

“3aj2et Seyr” - A play by Josyane Boulos

Fransabank sponsored “3aj2et Seyr”, a play by Josyane Boulos. This initiative came as part of the Bank commitment to support talented Lebanese artist in promoting their work to larger audience and encourage them to achieve even better future projects. 

From Istanbul to Marrakech – A World in Transition

From Istanbul to Marrakech – A World in Transition
A book published by Fransabank that includes 500 postcards that date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries that have never been exposed before. This book was made available to art scholars, collectors and art lovers, as well as to the public in general. It is a new initiative within the Bank’s series of initiatives to support all forms of art, culture and heritage.​

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