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Education & Knowledge

At Fransabank we demonstrate our strong belief in promoting education through a diverse range of contributions, investing both money and our human capital in securing a better future for the country’s youth.​ 

Education and specialization are essential for men and women to acquire knowledge that would lead them into life and make them constructive elements in society; this has been the main reason behind my keenness to offer scholarships to young bright students, at LAU and in other universities​. 
Adnan Kassar, Chairman, Fransabank Group
Building Young Societies’ Financial Abilities

Building Young Societies’ Financial Abilities
Being familiar with the importance of higher education in a very competitive market and conscious that a much-needed knowledgeable Lebanese youth is key to our country’s economic thrive, Fransabank Chairman, Mr. Adnan Kassar, proceeded in his giving endeavors and went a step further by donating USD 10 million into a leading educational institutions in Lebanon, the Lebanese American University (LAU), one of the highest donations in the university’s history. 

This donation, into an endowment fund, is a dedicated and permanent source of funding that provides scholarships and financial aid to needy and deserving students and support to LAU’s Business faculty’s academic programs and development. As a long-term perpetual asset, the endowment will deliver financial support to the benefit of both the current generation and future generations of LAU students within Chairman’s Kassar strong belief that education empower individuals and build stronger societies.​ 

This step in advancing education in Lebanon is of major importance especially with the struggling economic situation, the rising climate of intolerance in the region on one side, and the parent urge to elevate their children and secure for them a grade A education level.

Youth Financial Education & Inclusion

At Fransabank, we believe that a participatory approach that engages young people within communities, academic institutions, organizations, peer groups and families in a manner that is productive and constructive is of necessity for a sound economic development and a healthy society.

Fransabank’s youth engagement program focuses on education and enabling talent. It supports young people through education-led projects that help to raise aspirations and confidence, develop core academic and life skills, and improve access to opportunities towards further education and employment.

Fransabank helps educate Lebanese youth to ultimately include the young generation in the banking system and activities; by creating awareness among the future clients and/or future employees of the banking sector. Accordingly:

o Launched a financial literacy game “Big Bank Challenge” which was designed to improve the financial knowledge of teenagers by providing financial insights closely related to real-life situations. Big Bank Challenge was the result of a collaboration with The Institut of Finance Basil Fuleihan, where adolescent psychologists and experts in learning were counseled to define and measure the potential success of the game. It is a fun cards game where youth between 15 and 17 years can gain a basic understanding of money. In the game, they are challenged to earn money and save it up by opening a new account in the bank. The winner is the first player who ends up saving 100 million Lebanese pounds.
Players face challenging situations and dilemmas, thus the game provides these young people with better knowledge of clients rights and duties, on the types of banking transactions they might need to undertake and a simple understanding of banking products’ benefits or disadvantages to achieve a financial target. The Big Bank Challenge game gives them the opportunity to plan their future and stimulate their capacities to reach their financial objectives.

​o A volunteering initiative from executives of the Bank was initiated at selected schools and universities across Lebanon. It included more than twenty executives from Fransabank’s different departments, covering a range of expertise and sharing their knowledge about financial literacy, business and work environment, internal and external rules and regulations, and the requirements and possibilities for youth integration in the labor market

o Participating in the Children Youth Finance International “Global Money Week”, students from different schools and universities attend two corporate days at Fransabank. Students were given a global overview of the banking sector, the different products and services that a bank offers and their specificities as well as several tips on how to apprehend the job market, its conditions and its rules. Departments visited were organized along with a very real-world simulation in which students played took in the role of a teller, customer relationship officer, customers… At the end of the day, students engage in a financial literarcy game, the "Big Bank Challenge", through which they apply the knowledge learned including questions regarding accounts, payment cards, loans, money transfers, among others.

o Underwent a pedagogical competition in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools and an educational consultants company, with the participation of 120 students from 40 schools covering all the Lebanese regions. Prizes were distributed among the winners according to four academic subjects: dictation in Arabic, spelling in English, mathematics, and biology. 120 students participated and cash awards of USD 22,500 were distributed to the 15 top contestants

o Support the initiatives of the Higher Council for Childhood in Lebanon and launched joint actions for children’s financial inclusion as well as awareness on banking and finance.

Fransabank also partners with youth associations and organizations as well as schools and universities for the development of several initiatives among which the launching of specific products and the arrangement of educational tours. Among our partners we list the Children Youth Finance International (CYFI), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Higher Council for Childhood under the Ministry of Social Affairs, other  regional and local organizations and of course major schools and universities in Lebanon.

Making Education Accessible to All

At Fransabank, we believe in making education accessible to all and in helping those with financial constraints to still achieve their dream of one day attaining a university degree. With this in mind Fransabank’s university loan was launched in 2009, offering all qualified students the opportunity to pursue their university education either in Lebanon or abroad. This product takes into consideration the particular needs of students, offering loan facilities ranging from LBP 6 million to LBP 375 million, a low interest rate, a grace period that includes all years of study plus an additional year after graduation, and a repayment period that can be up to 10 years. The response to Fransabank’s university loan has been phenomenal with applications received from a diverse range of students from across the country. The strong demand is of little surprise considering the value placed by Lebanese on education. Today, Fransabank is proud to play a major role in maintaining this strong bond between people and their future.

Sharing Strategies and Experiences

Sharing Strategies and Experiences
Fransabank Group held in 2012 its "Knowledge®" Conference, an economic and finance conference, entitled: “Global Business Leaders Talk: Performing in a Challenging World”, with renowned Lebanese and international speakers from the business and financial sectors: H.E. Mr. Riad Salame - Governor of The Central Bank of Lebanon, Mr. Helmut Maucher - Honorary Chairman of Nestlé S.A., Germany, Mr. Jean-René Fourtou - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vivendi, France - Mr. Philippe de Fontaine Vive - Vice President of the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg. Speakers shared their experiences, insights, and strategies as well as emerging topics with around 500 of the community’s key public and private sectors decision makers, top finance and business leaders, senior executives and leading academicians.

“Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Uncertainty”

Fransabank strategically partnered with CSR Lebanon for its Third CSR Lebanon Forum under the theme: “Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Uncertainty”, held under the patronage of former President of the Republic H.E. Mr. Michel Sleiman. the event was also attended by Central Bank Vice-Governor Dr. Saad Andary, the former Executive director of the UN Global Compact Mr. Georg Kell, as well as a wide range of regional and international companies, banks and financial institutions, and key officials. 
H.E. Mr. Adnan Kassar received an award from the former Executive Director for the UN Global Compact, Mr. Georg Kell who commended the important role of Fransabank Group Chairman, Mr. Adnan Kassar when as President of the International Chamber of Commerce, in 1999 he accepted, on behalf of the world business community, the challenge of then UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan and founded together the UN Global Compact.
​Moreover, Fransabank addressed the attendees on how the Bank puts its corporate principles into practice while considering the impacts of its activities on the Bank and the society. 

Education for All - Private Public Partnership

Education for All - Private Public Partnership
Education is a continuous process for all ages. We believe that strengthening this public-private partnership will lead to higher social benefits and we are committed to also strengthening the ties between academia and business.

In this context, Fransabank had been cooperating for six consecutive years (from 2010 to 2015) with L’Ecole Nationale D’Administration (ENA), the French Embassy in Beirut, and Basil Fuleihan Institute of Finance for a joint education program under the theme "Rencontres des Cadres Dirigeants de la Fonction Publique Libanaise". The program was intended to support Lebanon’s public sector key senior officials further develop key leadership and managerial skills. These efforts were targeted towards the reinforcement of public institutions performance to activate the Lebanese Government’s role. 

In total, 116 Lebanese senior civil servants were trained over the six editions. These meetings and workshops sought to keep pace with general managers and senior staffs in the departments and public institutions, in order to exchange experiences and set the basics of corporate governance, and improve overall performance. In 2016, the program came to an end. Consequently, our contribution was extended for the publishing of “Trombinoscope” – a publication compiling a description of the program, a who's who of the participants in the six editions as well as, testimonials from the French experts that were championing the trainings.

With similar initiatives, Fransabank sets sights on the importance of developing, enlightening, and revamping the public sector in particular; as it acts out as a mainstay for national advancement.​

Winning is Just the Beginning

Winning is Just the Beginning
Injaz, a local non-governmental, non-profit organization, has been working hand in hand with the private sector to help bridge the gap for students between the world of academia and that of the workplace. It is a cause to which Fransabank is deeply committed and in which it has actively participated over the years. In 2008, this participation took on a new flavor when Fransabank took part in the piloting of Injaz Lebanon’s Company Program. This gave the opportunity to 25 students between the ages of 16 and 18 to attend weekly meetings at the Fransabank headquarters and to form their own company with the mentoring and support of a group of Fransabank employees. Fransabank staff helped them nurture their project from company formation all the way through to liquidation. Over a three month period, they guided the students as they chose their board of directors, divided their new company into departments, assigned the management, decided on their product, marketed it, sold it and finally liquidated the company.
In addition to the Company Program, Fransabank’s collaboration with Injaz has also included the hosting of high school students at the Bank’s headquarters for job shadow days to give them a first-hand experience of the world of work.

Supporting Academia

Fransabank’s financial donations target all levels of academia, from sponsoring year-end celebrations at Lebanese schools and offering awards to their top performing students to providing significant endowments to Lebanese universities for student scholarships. Beyond this, we have been only too glad to act as sponsors for congresses and meetings held by various academic institutions as well as lectures and invitations to international speakers that give university students access to the most up-to-date information in their relevant fields. In this context, Fransabank sponsored educational programs for the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the American University of Beirut that focused on the latest achievements in the fields of engineering, architecture and graphic design. Fransabank brought international professors and experts from the U.S. and Europe to provide advanced theoretical and practical aspects in these fields to the university students. Five educational programs were provided: the science of signs with Professor Paul Mijksenaar, architecture with Professor Enric Miralles, the design of line and Photolithography with Professor Wolfgang Weingart, architecture with Professor Jorge Silvetti, and the graphic design for books’, magazines and the media with Professors Daniella Haufe and Detlef Fiedler.

First Library in the Faculty of Law

We pride ourselves on funding of the construction and replenishment of the first library at the Lebanese University. This library was named after, and filled with the books of, the late Mr. Wafic Kassar, the father of Fransabank's Chairman, Mr. Adnan Kassar, and Deputy Chairman, Mr. Adel Kassar, a prominent, well-known judge and the first to chair the law school. It now constitutes a reference to all students, faculty members and researches interested in the legal issues and topics.

Financing Educational Institutions

Fransabank Group contributed to the expansion of the educational center at Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour. This school is a private French-language, Jesuit catholic educational institution set in Jamhour - Eastern Suburb of Beirut, Lebanon. It enjoys a high standing among the Lebanese schools. Among its Notable alumni, we list: Former Presidents of the Lebanese Republic, Former Lebanese ministers and deputies, Central Bank Governor, Chairmen of Lebanese Banks, main business, economic, educational and artistic personalities among others. 

Vigorous Presence at Universities Job Fairs

Fransabank’s strategy in building prosperous tomorrows and assisting the young generation in achieving their ambitions is among the Group’s main priorities. That’s why Fransabank presence at American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanese American University (LAU), Université Saint Joseph (USJ), and École Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) job fairs, was part of the Bank’s CSR strategy towards to youth. Groups of ambitious students, seeking suitable employment or looking forward to adding a twist to their existing careers, visited Fransabank booth to inquire more about the Bank’s potential job opportunities and internship programs. Students also had the chance to inquire about Fransabank’s educational plans, the various youth-related services such as the University Loan that offers financial facilities to students, at competitive terms. ​

Internship Program

At Fransabank, we consider that internships are a win-win practice. They open doors for students, who would gain in return an insider's view to the professional world, while still assisting our employees and providing them with innovative ideas. Fransabank welcomes annually an average of 200 students from various universities, offering them customized training at the Bank’s different departments and branches as part of the Bank’s Summer Internship Program. 

Education & Knowledge

University Competitions

Expressing our commitment to the next generation, we have launched university competitions: “WeDesign” in 2015 reaching Lebanese architecture students at different universities in Lebanon, and offering them a thrilling opportunity to work on and propose a “facelift” to the Bank Headquarters, one of the great legacies of the modern architectural movement in Lebanon; and “UDesign” in 2016. The latter targeted exclusively Lebanese American University (LAU) students in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design fields. This second edition aimed at providing LAU students with the opportunity to embody unique ideas, create and prototype product designs catering for Fransabank clientele as proposals for end of year gifts.

Students were challenged to design a creative, functional, and small to medium sized products suitable for corporate gifts and to present their creative ideas to a jury that was composed of well-known designers and entrepreneurs: Mr. Karim Chaya, Ms. Nada Debs, Mr. Cyril Najjar, Ms. Silia Abou Arbid, Mr. Nabil Kassar, and Mrs. Dania Kassar. 

Three winner projects were selected out of the 11 exposed projects; whereby the total prize was USD 7,000.

These initiatives were part of Fransabank’s pledge to invest in promising talents among youth, encouraging their potentials and, most importantly, rewarding their creativity.

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