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A Socially Committed Group

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Human Capital

At Fransabank, we understand the value of our employees not only to the Bank itself bit to the society at large. Fransabank believes in providing the best environment for its employees to flourish and reach their potential.​ 

Valuing Human Capital

At Fransabank, we understand the value of our employees not only to our Bank but to society at large. We believe in providing the best environment for them to flourish and reach their potential. Fransabank is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that provides a friendly, open and safe working environment for all staff members. The Bank allocates a significant amount of its budget towards continual staff training and career development which is further supported by an internal training center that facilitates seminars related to technical and managerial skills enhancement.  Employees are also encouraged to continue their higher education by receiving a Zero per cent university loan. We have currently 31 employees enrolled in higher education programs (MBAs, CFA, CPA…).

Additionally, employees are encouraged to join the Fransabank Employees’ Union. Benefits of the union include corporate health care and education provisions for employees and their families and the protocol of benefits endorsed by the Lebanese Association of Banks. 

A Culture of Inclusion

A Culture of Inclusion
Beyond these essentials that provide a secure framework in which employees can feel protected and valued, Fransabank strives to foster an inclusive culture that draws employees together, respecting their diversity while uniting them as one family. The Amicale Employees Club forms an integral part of this goal. After having been initiated by employees, the Club was subsequently embraced by the Bank with generous funding allocated to support its activities. Through Amicale, social and cultural events as well as recreational trips for employees and their families are arranged. The Bank also offers employees, via Amicale, special discounts at retail stores and restaurants and hosts numerous annual celebrations at which gifts and goodwill are offered to all in attendance. All of Amicale’s activities are designed to nurture the feeling among employees of belonging to the “Fransabank Family” brand
Reaching out to all employees through internal communication is also a vital part of the Bank’s mission to provide an inclusive culture. For this reason, Fransabank is committed to the regular publication of Zapping, its internal corporate newsletter. Zapping is eagerly read by employees for its informative content and interactive approach and is a vital part of the Bank’s overall strategy to promote a true sense of belonging among its employees and to encourage constructive communication at all levels.
Rewarding employees for their contribution is another essential pillar of the Bank’s commitment to encouraging talent and valuing individual performance. The Bank regularly holds competitions that reward the highest performing employees with valuable prizes during productivity award ceremonies.

Engaging Employees

Engaging Employees
Employees engagement is an integral component of Fransabank’s corporate culture because we see through the commitment of each individual, social responsibility becomes closely interconnected to our thoughts and actions as a Bank.

Earlier in December 2013, during the festive season, Fransabank launched an internal reading campaign under the title of "Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s Elites,” motivating employees’ individual contribution for greeting the Children of the Lebanese Army Martyr’s either by donating a book/story or by donating cash amount. This initiative reflected the Bank’s corporate social responsibility, which, in essence, promotes the spirit of individual participation in serving communities.

785 Fransabank employees from departments and branches participated in this CSR Campaign. The cash amounts collected ranged from the highest cash amount of LBP 150,000 to the lowest cash amount of LBP 5,000. The massive participation of Fransabank employees has exceeded the expected set target and the total cash amount collected was LBP 13,500,000. For every Lebanese Pounds amount donated, the Bank equally donated the same amount and that resulted in the collection of the amount of LBP 30,600,000, a symbolic gift to 460 children of the Lebanese Army martyrs, ranging between zero and eighteen years old.

The individual contribution of each and every one of Fransabank employees has been small in size, but certainly significant and precious in its connotations, promoting the concept of “individual initiative” that contributes to enrich the teamwork quality. Enthusiasm of donating is something that spreads across all departments and the branches of the Bank.

Not only Fransabank employees find the experience of donating personally books or cash rewarding, it also strengthens their pride and loyalty towards the Bank.

Bouchons Roulants to a Wheelchair

Bouchons Roulants to a Wheelchair
Within the framework of Arcenciel’s environment program, the project “Bouchons Roulants” aims at raising public awareness to the importance of recycling, of sorting out of solid wastes for the reduction of pollution and the protection of the environment.  The Bank called for the collection of plastic bottles’ caps which would be sold to a recycling company in order to, in return, provide with that respective value, a wheelchair to a disabled person.
The project was started with a pilot test by collecting plastic caps and bottles from three departments at the Bank Headquarters. The results were very encouraging, as we gathered, from July 2013 till end of December 2013, a total of 172 Kg of biodegradable plastics. We then launched this project in the entire Bank’s headquarters Departments.

Working Hard and Playing Hard

Working Hard and Playing Hard
From the Beirut Marathon to shooting hoops on a basketball court, Fransabank’s employees can often be found rising to a sporting challenge. Fostering a team spirit and providing a chance to swap work for leisure are major motivations behind Fransabank’s diverse sporting activities, many of which take place on a national level. In May 2009, the Bank’s basketball team was proud to take part in the first Fransabank Inter-Banks Basketball Tournament, an initiative launched by the Bank. Several local banks joined the event, although none were able to vanquish Fransabank which took winning place in the final. The Fransabank basketball team continues to go from strength to strength consistently being ranked among the premier teams in inter-bank championships.
Throughout the year, a calendar of Fransabank sporting events is ongoing. Away from basketball, Fransabank also has talent in the mini football field, with the Bank’s team having competed favourably in several tournaments. Year after year, Fransabank employees also form groups to join the annual Beirut Marathon and assist the Bank’s management in supporting its adopted cause of the Brave Heart Fund charity by fundraising during the race. Individual talents in Rally, trap shooting, tennis and other sports activities are continually supported by the Bank’s management. The various teams or individual initiatives have been honoured to receive several championship shields and awards. Of course, for all employees, it is the taking part rather than the winning that inspires them to enter competitions. This gives them the opportunity to make the Fransabank name visible across the country, demonstrating a desire to forge relationships and experiences that ultimately contribute to the social fabric of the country.

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