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JABAL Exhibition May 2015

Jabal FINAL.png

Fransabank Inaugurates the 11th edition of JABAL -  2015 

 “Visionary Artists”  Where Myths and Dreams are all About Lebanon​

The artist, since the beginning of times, has been the witness of our societies evolution. He is inspired by his surroundings as well as his history to give us his personal vision of pas and upcoming events. Beyond his role of witness, he is also the one who sets the trends, while his inspiration connects us with the future. 

JABAL exhibition “Jeunes Artistes des Beaux-Arts du Liban”, was created in 1998 by Fransabank as an initiative aiming at promoting new Lebanese Contemporary Art such as painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and design.

This year, JABAL exhibition, organized by Fransabank, appeared again strongly on the Lebanese scenery took place from the 13 till the 16 of May, 2015 at St. George! 32 artists were selected for this new edition by JABAL’s artistic committee to present their artistic work (paintings, sculptures, photography, design and video) for 4 days. 

Through JABAL, Fransabank strives to reflect the diversity and vitality of the emerging contemporary creativity, while giving the chance to those artists to exhibit their work in a professional environment. JABAL is one of a kind platform renowned for its support and dissemination of the contemporary art. 

In 2015, JABAL confirms, once again, its role as talents’ discoverer and as a supporter to new artists; while endeavoring to put in place partnership on the national and international levels in order to develop networks and artistic exchanges.

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