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Eco-Business Loan
Eco-Business Loan Now with the new Eco-Business Loan from Fransabank, you can take your business farther by investing in sustainable energy that will help you reduce your business expenses.

What do you get?
  • Loan currency: LBP or USD
  • Loan amount: starting at LBP 30 million or c/v USD
  • Repayment period: up to 10 years
  • Grace period: up to 4 years (for new projects) and up to 2 years (for existing projects)
  • Preferential interest rate that varies depending on sectors subsidieed by the Central Bank of Lebanon and the remaining sectors
  • Free pre-approved "Business" credit card
  • Free domiciliation of electricity bill
  • Free access to our internet banking - iBank, telephone banking - Call Center and SMS Alerts services

What are the eligible projects?
Whether you are a self-employed individual or owner of a company operating in any sector, invest in sustaible energy to reduce your business expenses. The loan covers investments related to any of the following energy-related projects:
Renewable Energy
Installation or construction designed to produce electricity, heat, cooling and any other form of energy by using:
  • Solar energy
  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Waste to energy
Energy Efficiency
  • Efficient lighting systems
  • Insulation of boilers and pipes
  • Double glazing
  • Window replacement
  • Replacement of machines or equipment

How can you repay your loan?
  • During grace period, you only settle the interest amount
  • During the settlement period, you settle your installment in principal and interest

What are the guarantees needed?
  • On case-by-case basis

Required Documents
Personal documents required from client and/or partner (s) and /or guarantor
  • Copy of identification card or valid passport or civil register
  • Place of residence such as copy of title deed or rent contract or mayor attestation or electricity, phone , or water bill
  • Real estate certificate for plots subject to collateral such as mortgage, negative pledge or proxy to mortgage
  • Financial statements for the last 6 months for existing clients
  • Lift bank secrecy in favor of BDL
Documents proving legal status and income
  • Copy of company's circular, by-laws and certificate of registration
  • Copy of documents related to If business location
    • If owned: real estate certificate
    • If rent: last rent contract
  • Copy of syndicate membership (if available)
  • Feasibility study including the cash flow projection for the period of the loan validated by an expert in the field. For term loans, feasibility study with details on projected revenues and expenses.
  • Financial statements for previous years, up to 3 years (If sales turnover is above USD 500,000 financials must be audited)
  • Lists of main clients and suppliers indicating the amount and terms of payment/settlement
  • Latest company bank account statement for the last 6 months (if available)
  • Copy of the latest fire and life insurance policies (if available)
  • Techniqual study for the requested loan
Additional documents for Kafalat , Daam, Commercial Property Loan and Commercial In-Site Loan
  • Copy of the rent contract for the duration of the loan
  • Related permits from concerned authorities for industrial and touristic companies
  • Related permits from concerned authorities for gas stations for Beirut region and municipality certificate for other regions

In addition to above for Commercial Property Loan Only:
  • Municipality attestation proving that applicant is not renting the premises subject of the loan.

If your company belongs to any of the below categories, these legal documents should be also provided

  • Photocopy of the minutes of the first Board of Directors meeting
  • Photocopy of the minutes of the last General Assembly meeting that elected the members of the actual Board of Directors
  • Photocopy of minutes of the last meeting of the Board of Directors that elected the actual Chairman and fixed his prerogatives including the right of indebtedness for himself or for any other designated person

  • Photocopy of the minutes of the last meeting of the General Assembly that has elected the General Director and fixed his prerogatives including the right of indebtedness
  • Photocopy of the partnership contract with all the amendments that have occurred
  • Minutes of meeting of the partners that granted the right of signature, especially the right of indebtedness, in the name of the company

For Sole Proprietorship & Individuals
  • Certificate of Trade practice
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