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Career Development

Career Development

At Fransabank, we have long put our faith in our human capital, and believed it is the most valuable asset and most solid foundation. Being a cornerstone in the Bank’s development and expansion strategy, hiring and retaining individuals of great merit remained an essential asset reflected in the Bank’s vision statement and strategies.

Fransabank’s goal is to build a diverse workplace that recognizes the talents that individuals bring to the organization and capitalizes on the people strengths to achieve business objectives. Our promise is to secure an equal employment opportunity for each and every individual while safeguarding a culture of team spirit, career development and merit-based advancement for people, while always striving to ensure their job satisfaction and individual growth.

Fransabank rewards its employees’ performance through an automated yearly Performance Appraisal Review (PAR) for every staff member, based on both individual yearly objectives and personal development achievements. This annual evaluation of staff performance provides the means for determining and directly linking merit and bonus to both individual and team realizations and productivity.

At Fransabank, we have a unique approach to individual learning and development. We offer similar opportunities to increase our people’s skills and knowledge and develop their positive "can do" attitudes. This is achieved through continuous annual training programs that are conducted based on our business needs and development objectives. These programs are:

Polyvalence Development

Polyvalence is an advanced concept where an employee assumes, when needed, multiple functions at the same time, both for contingency purposes and productivity improvement.

Talent Management

Talent Management is a practice consisting in selecting new recruits or recently hired employees (with a total experience at Fransabank ranging from 1 to 5 years) whose career path is yet to be determined or ascertained. Talent are high profile individuals, selected based on a combination of personal skills, educational background and banking knowledge.

Potentials Development

High potential individuals are existing employees who exhibited an exceptional competence in their functions, and were thus carefully chosen by T&D to occupy higher positions in the short and medium term.

Continuous Education as a principle

Consistent with Fransabank’s vision of encouraging employees to further develop their professional skills, the Human Resources Division committed itself for many years to extend financial support to all the employees interested in obtaining a professional certification or a higher degree.