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A Socially Committed Group

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Environment & Sustainability

Respect for, and preservation of the environment forms one of the key pillars of Fransabank’s corporate social responsibility which manifests itself in a range of initiatives that left a tangible contribution to the environment’s welfare.​

A Sustainable Future

A Sustainable Future
Respect for, and preservation of, the environment forms one of the key pillars of Fransabank’s corporate social responsibility. This manifests itself in a range of initiatives that start from within the Bank and staff conduct, to beyond the Bank, such as making financial contributions to environmental organizations and projects, as well as maintaining beauty spots of greenery in major cities. At the heart of each of these actions lies a firm commitment to our country’s future and that of its citizens.

At Fransabank we believe that preserving the environment and energy should start at home. This is exemplified by our staff minimizing printing jobs or reusing paper to print, reducing their use of electricity and water resources, car-pooling with colleagues to save gas emissions and recycling materials. As a Bank, we have a policy of nominating a Green coordinator at every branch whose responsibility is to monitor such initiatives among staff. Beyond this, we also strive to produce our credit cards from eco friendly raw materials and to offer clients green initiatives that help them bank without harming the environment. It is through combining such small but effective actions with other, large-scale initiatives that tangible contributions to the environment’s welfare can be made.

Keeping it Green

Keeping it Green
When a fundraising campaign “Always Green” was launched in October 2008, Fransabank was quick to respond with a USD 1 million donation to the cause. Launched by that time by Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, the “Always Green” campaign sought to raise money to purchase planes, vehicles and equipment that would enable Civil Defense firefighters to respond to firefighting emergencies in a more efficient manner. “Fransabank is absolutely committed to protecting Lebanon’s natural resources,” said Fransabank Group Chairman Adnan Kassar. “Our donation to the Always Green campaign is just one element of a host of initiatives designed to preserve our country’s natural wealth for generations to come.”​​​

Protecting the Environment

Due to rising energy costs, the recent technological advances, and a growing awareness and concern for our environment, Fransabank launched its new series of environmental friendly loans to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses alike. Whether the customer wishes to benefit from energy power efficiency at home or at business premises to develop environmentally friendly projects, Fransabank’s revolutionary energy loans are the perfect solution to save on expenses resulting from daily consumption of energy such as electricity, water and others. Fransabank aims at maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment and equally giving consumers the chance to save on primary household and operating expenses.

Protecting the City’s Heart

Protecting the City’s Heart
The effects of war on the environment are perhaps best illustrated by the fate of Beirut’s largest public park, Horsh Beirut (also known as La Foret des Pins), which was almost completely destroyed during Lebanon’s 17 year civil war. Thanks to a generous donation from the French government, the reconstruction of the park and replanting of pine and other native trees was able to take place in the late 1990s. Fransabank contributed to this important initiative through a donation to cover the cost of building a two-meter high iron fence and gates to protect the newly planted trees and flowers. Thanks to the combined efforts of all involved, one of the city’s most important, large green spaces has been able to flourish once again.

Such initiatives not only cover the capital Beirut but extend to other cities and villages. Lately, Fransabank participated in the renovation of Bkassine Public Garden located in South Lebanon, hosting one of the most beautiful pine forests and largest natural reserves in the Middle East. Similar public gardens are hosted next to Fransabank large network of branches where the Bank coordinates with the relevant municipalities on the “green” needs of their areas. Such endeavours are executed in various areas like Marjeyoun and Zahleh, amongst others.

Growing Hope

Growing Hope
Since 2008, Fransabank has been a proud supporter of non-governmental organization Jouzour Loubnan and its mission to help restore Lebanese woodland and promote sustainable forestation in arid regions. Pistachio, olive, oak, cedar, and pine are among the trees native to Lebanon which are being given a new lease of life through Jouzour Loubnan’s planting activities. In 2010, Fransabank employees and their families planted more than 1,000 “Cedrus Libnani” effectively contributing to the reforestation of Kfardebian forests in collaboration with Jouzour Loubnan. This strongly aligns with the Bank's belief that preserving the environment and keeping Lebanon green should start from within.

Pledge for Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Fransabank was among the pioneering signatories to join in 2011 the “Green Pledge” initiated by the renowned Lebanon Opportunities within their Green Opportunities Initiative. By signing the pledge, Fransabank commits itself to a greener corporate environment. CSR Book​​

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