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A Socially Committed Group

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National Initiatives

Helping the country to remain unified and strong was always a cause close to Fransabank’s heart. No matter what happened or how difficult the circumstances were, Fransabank believes in demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the nation. ​ 

From Border to Border

From Border to Border
Building a presence in the south of the country was an important objective for Fransabank in order to continue to play a full role in the service of the national economy in general and to meet the banking and financial needs of the southern population. “No war will ever stop us. No turmoil will ever move us.” These words of conviction led the way as the Bank remained steadfast in its objective.

This commitment to the south is not a recent phenomenon. Fransabank was the only Bank to have a presence in Bint Jbeil since 1962, in Marjeyoun since 1963, and in Jezzine since 1964. We made sure to keep our doors always open despite the complex and difficult circumstances that prevailed. This was especially true during the years of Israeli occupation when Fransabank was the only Bank at that time to have branches in the southern region. Despite the conditions of occupation and its repercussions on all levels, Fransabank stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of the south.

More recently, in an unprecedented act of determination and courage, Fransabank’s Nakoura branch opened for business near the highly volatile border of Lebanon and Israel. With such initiatives, the Bank has helped spread a sense of determination and optimism among the local community, as well as our clients, partners and employees.

Solidarity Campaign

Solidarity Campaign
Helping the country to remain unified and strong is always a cause close to our heart. No matter what happens or how difficult the circumstances, Fransabank believes in demonstrating its unwavering commitment to the nation.

Understanding the role we were positioned to play at Fransabank after the 2006 July war on Lebanon as a source of support to the people of Lebanon, the Bank launched a solidarity campaign “Damar / Aamar” that had the most positive societal impact. The campaign objective was to support the courage of the Lebanese people by communicating a message of hope and perseverance. “Damar / Aamar” translated as destruction / reconstruction, were the words Fransabank found most applicable to their intention. Just as easy as it is to erase the “D” replacing it with an “A”, the conviction to rebuild needed to be an instant reaction against destruction based on necessity, instead of being a debatable consideration.

Contribution to the Reconstruction of Lebanon

Contribution to the Reconstruction of Lebanon
With the purpose of alleviating poverty in the war stricken communities in Lebanon, Fransabank contributed to the process of reconstruction and redevelopment of Lebanon. This process assists the government of Lebanon in helping the impoverished and the victims of war to rebuild their homes and improving their living standards. Fransabank has donated to:
  • The Lebanese government following the destruction of Lebanese infrastructure in June 1999, whereby Fransabank was one of the biggest donators with a contribution of USD 1 million.
  • The Qana fund following the massacre in the village of Qana in 1996.

In addition, Fransabank employees equally participated in this endeavor by donating one Day Salary to the Lebanese Army, in light of the late unfavorable conditions occurring in North Lebanon and the ongoing thrive of the national army and militants to safeguard the dignity of our country.

Unifying a Country

Unifying a Country
Voicing its belief in a unified and peaceful Lebanon, Fransabank launched its "Forever Lebanon" campaign, a public outcry against the turmoil suffered by all Lebanese in 2007. Although many questioned their resolve to stay in the country and seriously considered the option of emigrating, the “Forever Lebanon” campaign called out to the Lebanese public to remain unified and to stay in their homeland. The scenes of the advert highlighted the uncertainty experienced by the Lebanese community across its diverse groups and sectors, and their hesitance to implement both their business and personal future plans. The tone, however, quickly altered to one of solidity and strength, reflecting the firm will of the Lebanese people full of confidence, courage, patience and national optimism; and their support, determination and belief in their country.

Through this massive national advertising campaign, Fransabank expressed its solidarity with Lebanon’s citizens, while reflecting the Bank’s belief that no matter the circumstances, progress should be a constant development within any organization, society or country. The impact of “Forever Lebanon” was felt across the country and was a powerful testimony to Lebanese solidarity and resilience.

Optimism, Prosperity and Peace in Fransabank 90 years Corporate Campaign and Documentary

When wanting to communicate on Fransabank’s 90 years of legacy as the first established bank in the country, we chose to highlight the fact that throughout nine decades we have witnessed every event that marked our country and shaped it to what it has become today.
  • The corporate film features a little girl who portrays the Bank and how it has managed to keep its young spirit while being the witness of every moment that marked the history of Lebanon. Throughout the film, the girl picks a flower at different points in time and each flower represents the strong symbol of hope, prosperity and peace of course. The film translates Fransabank’s constant involvement with Lebanon’s history and the flower bouquet gathered at the end is a tribute to a nation, a message of faith, and a symbol of continuity that aligns with the Bank’s credo: “Tomorrow Starts Now”.
  • The documentary, on the other hand, reveals how after 90 years of operating in Lebanon Fransabank looks back at the major events that marked the history of the Bank and the country since 1921. The documentary retraces the Bank’s history in details, how it shaped the Lebanese economy and helped the people who contributed to it. Throughout the prosperous and the challenging days, Fransabank continued to offer its services to the Lebanese, both in Lebanon and abroad. With old footage rarely seen nowadays, it is a film that tells the story of a sturdy Lebanese institution that has played a major role in the history of the Lebanese and that will do so for many years to come.

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