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A Socially Committed Group

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Letter from the Chairman

Dear Valued Partners,

In today’s world of banking, true success is defined by the elevation and progression of the society in which a financial institution operates. By facilitating opportunities for growth and adequately addressing the needs of their clients, along with those of the entire community, banks play an invaluable role in providing communities with the tools to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Fransabank’s legacy dates back to 1921. Throughout over nine decades, we established our ideals and our goals on a promise that our efforts would have a positive and far reaching impact on our clients, mother country and on the countries where we exist and will exist. We have always believed our ultimate mission to be the creation of a better community and society. Therefore, it makes us very proud, to be seen not merely as an institution but more as a citizen that contributes significantly to Lebanon’s progress and to the countries in which we operate. Fransabank and its shareholders have never needed an official decree to substantiate keeping in touch with society and fostering cooperation with diverse charitable organizations and causes. Also, we have never hosted a launching occasion to announce our “corporate social responsibility” framework, but rather have allowed our historical contributions to speak for themselves in gaining the favourable perception granted us by our society. These actions come together as a natural extension and reflection of our core personal and business values.

To date, our journey as a business and as a contributor to society has resulted in much appreciated recognition and positive feedback from those who have been impacted by our efforts or have learned about them. We humbly accept this acknowledgement and seek to reaffirm our dedication to community and country, every day, via an even more proactive continuation of our corporate social responsibility agenda.

Finally, it is my pleasure to reveal that on December 2011, we marked our Bank’s 90th anniversary and as we look to the future, we pause for a moment to reflect on our collective efforts to date. This provides us all with the opportunity to appreciate how much we can achieve when we stand together, hand in hand, and give from our time and our resources. Most of all, it serves as a rich source of inspiration for the achievements we have yet to make but which we will continue to work toward in the years and decades to come.

Adnan Kassar
Chairman, Fransabank Group

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