Quality Time with Children and Seniors
Children and seniors are a major segment of our society. Whenever we think of spending quality time with people in need we cannot but think of orphans and elderly whose biggest need are company and emotional contact.

Correspondingly, Fransabank signed with the Humanitarian and Development Affairs Attaché at the UAE Embassy in Lebanon and the Zakat Fund of Lebanon's Dar Al Fatwa a cooperation agreement on sponsoring the orphans in Lebanon. Fransabank would issue prepaid cards distributed by the Humanitarian Affairs and Development Office of the United Arab Emirates Embassy to orphans of legitimate charities and associations in Lebanon. Through this program, Fransabank expressed its keenness to contribute to the service of the community and especially the human being.

On a yearly basis, Fransabank invites numbers of orphans coming from the Social Welfare Institutes Orphanages to share the giving spirit of the holy month of Ramadan with Fransabank family members. Likewise, it partners also with Beirut Celebrations and The Lebanese Food Bank organization and hosts the Christmas Holiday Food Drive welcoming children from different regions in Lebanon. Both events are held at the Bank’s Headquarters.

In addition, an iftars are organized for the elderly in Dar Al Ajaza Al Islamia. Employees from Fransabank come forward spreading out the importance of sharing a meal with the older generation whom, we believe, is a second childhood that deserves our attention.