Accessible Homeownership
Buying a home is an achievement when it comes to building a stable future mainly because of the big amount needed. When considering taking a loan for home purchasing, people tend to worry about the down payment, long period of repayment, guarantees, among others. Therefore, we try to simplify our products, offering the most convenient solutions helping customers acquire a house while still considering their financial situation and payment abilities.

Putting Clients First

Our success depends on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Putting customers first means constantly analyzing who our customers are, what they require and how well we currently meet their needs and how we can add value to them in the future. It is fundamental to our relationship with customers that they can depend on our integrity and that the advice they receive is individualized in their best interest.

In line with this commitment, we continuously adapt and improve the way in which we do our business and monitor customer satisfaction closely and frequently. For that purpose, we:

  • Launching periodic customer experience research
  • Use mystery shoppers to assess and define quality service standards
  • Handle complaints in quick, timely, clear and transparent manners
  • Follow a strong Know Your Customer (KYC) approach
  • Keep customers’ information secure
  • Provide a rich multichannel banking set of products and services to customers with the appropriate levels of support
  • Engage customers through social media with real-time updates
  • Reward our customers through appealing promotional campaigns
  • Strive to market our products in a transparent, consistent and responsible manner.