Equity Investments in Start-Ups
Fransabank is among the leading banks to embrace the Central Bank of Lebanon Circular 331; whereby local banks are encouraged to invest in innovative ready-to-scale startups in the Lebanese Knowledge Economy. Thus, we are entrusted with allocating equity funding to its most efficient use by investing in:

  • Creative young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas
  • Ready-to-scale start-ups
  • Accelerators
  • Incubators
  • Venture capital funds with solid management team

In view of that, Fransabank included the BDL Circular 331 into its strategic business activities and has taken a participation in several funds: Lebanon Seed Fund SAL Holding, Broadgate Y Ventures Partners, Cedar Mundi Fund, The Impact Fund, The Leap Ventures and Berytech Fund II.

In addition to funding, entrepreneurs are offered guidance, strategic mentorship, entrepreneurship-focused business training, access to networks of partners and mentors.