Micro Financing
One of the most important initiatives to finance entrepreneurship are microcredits, which support our vision to change the way capital and services flow to all segments of the society. For that reason, accessibility is crucial to serve the financially excluded. Our partnership with Vitas – one the largest microfinance institutions in Lebanon, our wide presence across Lebanon, and our on-the-move team form our competitive advantages

Microfinance Highlights

Fransabank investments are intended to supply economically disadvantaged people with access to financial services. Our accomplishments in this field benefited over 25,035 micro entrepreneurs at end-2019, with more than USD 52.32 million of assets used for the financing of microcredits. Of course, the expertise of our employees was relentlessly available to support our commitment to delivering social and economic values to the beneficiaries and their communities.

Stimulating Rural Development

Specific key performance indicators, such as revenues & profits, growth and sustainability, loan payments regularity, as well as age & gender, are assessed across our active microcredits clients portfolio to evaluate their performances and businesses development. Accordingly, we depict our top performing clients whom performances were deemed worthy of a financial reward that would indeed encourage them to invest more in their business. Consequently, donation ceremonies and rewards are distributed on a yearly basis.