SME Lending
Fransabank supports companies of all sizes – especially SMEs – in Lebanon by operating a fair and reliable lending policy.

We believe that supporting Lebanese SMEs actively contributes to the increase of employment opportunities and to the development of the private sector in Lebanon. For that reason, Fransabank sustained its efforts in assisting SMEs which are the engine of Lebanon’s economy; constituting 97% of the total formal enterprises.

In this vein, we continuously renew our partnerships with international institutions to support SMEs in Lebanon. The received international credit lines are intended to finance investment projects of SMEs in various sectors such as industry and agro-industry, health, education, high knowledge and services.

We also provide financial solutions, for SMEs, under the umbrella of Kafalat; a Lebanese financial company that assists SMEs to access commercial bank funding. Our Kafalat loans target enterprises operating in industry, agriculture, tourism, traditional crafts, and technology. Kafalat loans guaranteed benefit from interest rate subsidy. Accordingly, they help bridge the gap for SMEs in Lebanon, allowing them to increase the financing of their business activities, which leads to better domestic investment, output, and employment.

SME Seminars and Workshops

The intense small and medium size loans and economic development initiatives launched by Fransabank are regularly complemented by series of SMEs workshops and seminars, providing consultancy services to our existing and potential customers and following and monitoring the financing outcome.

The objectives of these seminars are to:
  • Provide clients with basic information and powerful strategies and skills in banking.
  • Comprehend the market-based pricing for SME products and services.
  • Understand how financial products are customized to create financial solutions.
  • Open platform for any consultancy services.
  • Explore the Bank’s diverse SMEs products and services.

The SMEs seminars have tackled Kafalat Loans, Subsidized Loans, Incentive Loans, Energy Loans, and Green Loans. The workshops are a success and always receive excellent feedback from all attendees.