Learning & Development
We strive to provide our workforce with advancement opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our development and training programs target all departments and branches staff from managerial and non-managerial levels. In the past years, training spending and time increased at all levels; indicating stronger emphasis on employee's development. Assessing the performance of our workforce helps to effectively manage employees’ work and productivity through recognizing high performers and identifying development needs for possible advancement.

Competency Development

Our employee training and development programs ensure that we can continuously enhance the quality of our services and advisory offering and adapt our business to new market requirements and opportunities. We mainly use four programs to identify and encourage our employees.

  • The Talents Management consists of selecting “High Profile” employees, with Fransabank experience varying from 0 to 3 years
  • The Polyvalence Enhancement is a concept that focuses on the employees’ ability to handle multiple functions
  • The Potentials Development prepares competent employees for potentially occupying higher positions
  • The Succession Planning initiates employees into future organizational requirements.

We expect our employees to remain informed about the continuing changes in regulatory requirements and to act responsibly and in accordance with the applicable laws and rules at all times. To ensure that they are always up to date in this area, we have developed study modules and tests relating to legal and compliance issues that must be completed by specific groups of employees or by Fransabank’s entire workforce.

Fransabank Train-the-Trainer seminars objective is to develop selected employees, transforming them into qualified trainers with regards to Customer Relationship Management, ready to conduct workshops in areas in need, and thus ensuring training customization, decentralization and continuity. These workshops have the advantage of reducing costs for both the participants and the Beirut-borne trainers, saving time on the road, reducing traffic accidents and offering optimal training customization adapted.

Moreover, we are working on developing our training academy. Accordingly a pool of trainers was chosen and a special program was created to enforce their skills, as we also developed system courses that would lead to a portfolio of courses in preparation to the training academy launch. Fransabank rewards its employees’ performance through an automated yearly Performance Appraisal Review (PAR) for every staff member, based on both individual yearly objectives and personal development achievements. This annual evaluation of staff performance provides the means for determining and directly linking merit and bonus to both individual and team achievements and productivity.