Taking Our Experience Overseas
Championing SDG 13 - Climate Action
Chairman Kassar, as a believer in the impact of a business energy on social progress, supported the Businessworthy Pledge by submitting his thought piece as a commitment to ethical and responsible values. 

Sharing the commitment is a mean of endorsing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, agreed on by world leaders in 2015 and the values we all want by 2030. He was then asked to provide a brief on Fransabank’s CSR initiatives explaining how they fall within the scope of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Bank’s Sustainable Energy Finance strategy received the highest recognition and as such, Fransabank, Chairman, was selected to represent SDG 13 Climate Action.

In line with this international acknowledgment, Fransabank pledged to further incorporate concerns for climate and environmental changes in its products, services and polices, creating awareness and actions among its employees, clients(existing and potential) bringing into line its vision with the SDG 13 targets.Thus, in 2018, it acted as the National Goal Leader of SDG 13– Climate Action in Lebanon.
In view of that, we worked on mainstreaming the SDG 13 in the private sector in Lebanon, focusing on raising awareness about climate change and transforming it into national policies while strengthening the ability of the country to deal with the results of climate change through mitigation and adaptation measures.The job was achieved through periodic meetings that:
  • Provided strategic direction in relation to making progress towards the goal at tainment, capitalizing on private sector leadership, engagement and in volvement, and
  • Helped mobilize resources and forge the necessary national and international partnerships a nd stewardship to keep all progress and activities on track in relation to SDG 13.
Conference of Parties(COP)
During its participation in the Conferences of Parties, Fransabank was recognized as a“ replicable” success story that IFC will recommend as best practice to its clients in the Middle East & amp; North Africa region. & nbsp;

Fransabank has been attending the annual Conference of Parties(COP21, 22, and 23) over & nbsp; the past years.General Manager, Mr.Nadim Kassar has been representing the Bank and discussing Fransabank’ s“ Go Green” strategy, sharing the Bank’ s experience in launching, managing, and financing energy projects.Our participation at the COP was notable and very much appreciated.