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Fransabank Supports the Youth and Launches Educational and Training Initiatives for School and University Students during the Global Money Week

For the third year in a row and as part of the international initiative Global Money Week, Fransabank reaffirms its commitment and support of the youths and launches three financial awareness initiatives.

March 13, 2018 was an educational day during which Fransabank organized an integrated training program for 250 school students in Adnan Kassar Edifice for the Arab Economy, Jnah area in Beirut. Students from Collège Protestant Français, Greenfield College, International College, Lycée Verdun and Melkart College, were involved in interactive discussions with Fransabank management and staffs, who presented key banking concepts and mechanisms, an overview of Fransabank's corporate social responsibility initiatives, as well as products and services targeting youths. The students were also introduced to a financial literacy game, "BIG BANK CHALLENGE", which combines interactive entertainment and learning, and which had been designed earlier by Fransabank in cooperation with Basil Fuleihan Foundation.

Furthermore, and as part of its commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation for young people, Fransabank, in cooperation with INJAZ, held the ”I Camp Business Challenge” on 17 March, 2018, at the USJ Campus, in which 18 to 21-year-old students were dispatched in 6 challenging teams. The workshop aimed at helping students gain insight into the complexities and rewards of entrepreneurship and business in today's interdependent market economy. It also covered topics such as investments, personal growth, and money management. Vivid discussions and exercises took place to contribute in enhancing the students’ financial knowledge, marketing strategy and teamwork skills in a thriving and knowledge-based economy. After a full - day workshop, the Team of the best entrepreneurship project was awarded by a team of Jury. In the same context, Fransabank partnered on 12 March, 2018 with Basil Fleihan Foundation through the La Dictée des finances.

Mrs. Dania Kassar, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication Department, commented: “Fransabank’s major role in these financial inclusion initiatives lies within raising awareness of young people on financial inclusion, budgeting and saving skills, financial planning, financial management, and e-payment to prepare the generation with regard to the world of banking and finance.” Kassar noted: “This global week celebration brings the world one step closer to prepare and empower the generations, who are tomorrow’s leaders, and equip them with the necessary financial tools and education, inspiring them to draw their bright future on solid grounds.”