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The Inauguration Ceremony of the White Wall 2017 Initiative

Fransabank and the French Institute in Lebanon held the inauguration ceremony of the White Wall Beirut initiative, on Friday, October 27, 2017. The ceremony was attended by the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, Fransabank Group Vice President Adel Kassar, Lebanese artist Yazan Halwani, representatives of the Fransabank Group, the French Institute, as well as press and media.

In the context of this initiative, three talented artists created their own styles of Calligraffiti on three walls in Beirut sharing one theme - intercultural dialogue. The three walls have been chosen on the former Green Line area, which had divided Beirut into two sections. On the first wall in Sodeco, the Lebanese young artist Yazan Halwani painted portraits of Tarek and Mai - the two main characters in the famous Lebanese drama film “West Beirut”, written and directed by Ziad Doueiri. On the second wall in Verdun, the Dutch visual artist, graffiti writer, and graphic designer, Niels Shoe Meulman blended the words “East” and “West” pouring a new dimension. And on the wall of Gemayzeh, the French-Tunisian artist & calligrapher, eL Seed, quoted a line from the Lebanese American writer, Amine Rihani: " I wish to live without hating anyone, to love without envying anybody, to rise without looking down at anyone, and to step further without trampling on anyone nor envy those who are above me.”

On the occasion, Dania Kassar, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at Fransabank, noted: "Lebanon, in this initiative, proves to be a meeting point between East and the West, supporting contemporary art, imposing itself as a bridge of communication, and conveying a message of love." Kassar added, “Lebanon through art is reflecting a model for cultural coexistence. Thus, we at Fransabank proudly share values of openness and dialogue with the French Institute and French Embassy, as our presence side by side portrays the consolidation of a long-term joint cooperation, aiming to serving Lebanon and promote an artistic culture for future generations.”

For his part, French Ambassador Foucher, expressed his pleasure in this cooperation with Fransabank commending the Bank’s strategy and its deep conviction that art contributes to dialogue amongst cultures. Foucher also assured that “this initiative is one of a series of initiatives launched by France in several countries to motivate artists challenge themselves and pour their creations into Street Art.”

It should be noted that Fransabank's successive initiatives, at festivals, concerts, major international contemporary art events and symposiums , and now the White Wall project, translates and reinforces its commitment to this philosophy of contributing in the cultural growth of Lebanon. The Bank sustains today this commitment to the service of all kinds of fine art because “At all times, arts and culture are at the heart of the people.”