Cookies Management Policy
Cookies Management Policy

A cookie, what is it?

Cookies, and more broadly, trackers, are files placed on your device (computer browser, smartphone, connected TV, etc.) that allow you to store information for a certain period.
These trackers are used to ensure the proper functioning of websites, measure their audience, personalize your experience during your navigation, add videos and social media sharing buttons, adapt commercial assistance, and display advertising outside of the websites and applications.

Discover the different types of cookies

Essential cookies
These are cookies necessary for the operation of the website and application that cannot be disabled. Without these cookies, you would not be able to use these applications normally.
Specifically, these trackers serve the following purposes: ensuring the proper functioning of the website and application, facilitating use by adapting functionalities, providing services associated with subscribed contracts, identifying fraud, transmitting essential information, and complying with regulatory constraints.

Audience measurement cookies
These are cookies that are used to establish anonymous statistics to measure the performance of digital applications. These cookies cannot be disabled. They help improve the relevance, ergonomics, and operation of the services offered on the website and application (for example, the most frequently visited pages, the most frequent searches in the site's search engine, the ergonomics of new page versions, etc.).

Personalized experience cookies
These are cookies that personalize your experience on the website and application (content related to your customer profile, personalized promotional offers, etc.) and also test optimizations of certain functionalities and improve your user experience (AB testing).

Personalized assistance cookies
These are cookies that analyze your individual navigations and personalize communications based on your interests identified through your navigations on the website and application.

Third-party advertising cookies
These are cookies used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to present advertisements or information tailored to your interests while browsing the Internet outside of our website and application. If you refuse these third-party advertising cookies, you will still be exposed to advertisements on third-party websites, but their relevance will be reduced.

Social media and content sharing cookies
These cookies allow us, as well as our partners, to offer you the visualization of content hosted on an external website on our Site/Application.

Viewing this type of content on our Sites and/or Applications involves sharing information about your navigation on our Sites and/or Applications with the hosting site, for purposes that are specific to them. For more information, we encourage you to consult the privacy policy of YouTube.

List of cookies on the website

We work with partners who deposit trackers to enable the proper functioning of the functionalities for which they are responsible. The cookies used on our website include those which are strictly necessary cookies for access and navigation, cookies that track usage, remember your choices and cookies that provide you with targeted content or advertising. We use three main types of cookies. Below is a list of the names of cookies, the categories of trackers to which they belong, the purposes they serve, and the duration of storage for these cookies. Here we will place the list of cookies for Lebanon

Cookie name Category Purpose 3rd party cookies Retention period Mandatory
SkwidCookie Necessary Used by SKWID CMS in order to keep track of visited pages No 1 Year Yes
RequestVerificationToken Necessary Helps prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. No Session Yes
ASP.NET_SessionId Necessary Used to identify the users' session on the server No Session Yes
rc::c Necessary This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots Yes
Session Yes
rc::a Necessary This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots Yes
Persistent Yes
_ga Audience measurement Used by Google for analysis, it collects data that allows services to understand how you interact with a special service. Yes
1 month No
_ga_ Audience measurement Used by Google for analytics. Yes
12 month No