Board of Directors
Biographies of Board Members

Mr. Nadim Kassar

Chairman & General Manager
Born in 1964 - Lebanon


Mr. Nadim Kassar is the Chairman General Manager of Fransabank SAL He is also Chairman and General Manager of BLC Bank SAL and the Founder and Chairman of Fransabank El Djazaïr SPA. In 2019, Mr. Kassar was elected Vice-Chairman for the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL), where he was Board Member since 2001. In 2019, he has also been nominated Co-Chairman of Mastercard EEMEA Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Advisory Board, while in 2005 he occupied the position of Board Member for Mastercard Incorporated Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa, APMEA Regional Board of Directors. Mr. Kassar currently serves as member of the Board of Directors in the following institutions: NetCommerce, Interbank Payment Network (IPN) SAL, Credit Card Management (CCM) and Founder & Board Member of the American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce (ALCC). Mr. Kassar is also a Member of the Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE) where he was a Board Member from 2009 to 2020. Mr. Kassar is also the General Manager of A.A. Kassar SAL. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the American University of Beirut.


Cedars I

Represented By H.E. Mr. Walid Daouk, ESQ
Born in 1958 - Lebanon


H.E. Mr. Walid Daouk, Esq is a specialized lawyer in commercial law, civil corporate and property law. He started his career in 1981, as an associate in Takla & Trad law firm becoming thereafter a partner. In 2005, he occupied the position of Vice Chairman at the International Affairs Commission at the Beirut Bar Association, and in 2008, he became a member of the Arbitration Commission. In 2011, he was appointed Minister of Information and Minister of Justice per interim. After the termination of his appointment in 2014, he resumed his practice as lawyer, legal consultant and managing partner in above mentioned firm. He is a lawyer and legal advisor for multinational and Lebanese companies performing business in various fields. Also, he is a Board member of many corporations in Lebanon and abroad including Fransabank (France) SA, Fransabank El Djazaïr SPA, Bancassurance SAL, Beirut Waterfront Development SAL, Tourism and Hotel Development Company SAL. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for Development and Reconstruction of Lebanon (CDR) 2001-2004. He is the Commissioner of the Lebanese Government at the Beirut Stock Exchange since 1994. He holds a degree in Lebanese and French law from Saint Joseph University, Beirut and had prepared a degree in business management at the Beirut University College.


Cedars II

Represented by Mr. Adel Kassar
Born in 1932 - Lebanon


Mr. Adel Kassar is the Executive Deputy General Manager of Fransabank SAL and member of the Board of Directors of Fransabank (France) SA. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Bancassurance SAL and Lebanese Leasing Company SAL. He is member of the Board of Directors of BLC Bank SAL. He and his brother Adnan acquired Fransabank in 1980. He is a former Chairman of the Association of Banks in Lebanon and the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Hungary in Lebanon. He holds a degree in Lebanese and French law from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, affiliated to the Faculty of Law of Lyon, France.


Mr. Henri de Courtivron

Born in 1950 - France

Mr. Henri de Courtivron joined Indosuez Bank in 1977. He was appointed to various management positions within the international network of the bank in Singapore and in London and seconded to its affiliate bank in Saudi Arabia, Banque Saudi Fransi, before returning to the Head Office in Paris. From 2007 to 2013, he served in Paris as Managing Director of Fransabank (France) SA, where he currently is a Board Member. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of BLC Bank SAL and of Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank in the Kyrgyz Republic. In 2015, he has been elected consular judge at the Paris Commercial Court. He graduated from ESCP Europe and holds a degree in economics from Paris X University.

K One (holding) SAL

Represented by Mr. Nabil Kassar
Born in 1970 – Lebanon

With more than twenty years of experience in International Banking and Finance, Mr. Kassar is a Deputy General Manager of Fransabank SAL,  the Vice Chairman of BLC Bank SAL, and the Chairman General Manager of Fransa Land SAL and A.A. Kassar SAL (Holding). He was the Chairman General Manager of Fransa Invest Bank SAL (the former investment arm of Fransabank SAL). 
He is also a Board Member of Bancassurance SAL and serving as Fransabank SAL Board Representative at Fransabank France SA and Fransabank El Djazaïr SPA. He is also a Shareholder in A.A. Kassar SAL and A.A. Kassar SAL (Offshore)". Mr. Nabil Kassar holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Law from Saint Joseph University. 


Mr. Ghantous Gemayel

Born in 1965 - Lebanon

Mr. Ghantous Gemayel has more than 20 years of commercial and investment banking experience in Lebanon and abroad. Mr. Gemayel began his banking career at Fransabank Group in 2001 as a Senior Manager in Fransa Invest Bank (FIB), the former investment arm of Fransabank SAL and was later elected as an Independent Member in its Board in 2017. In 2009, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Corporate Banking Department at Fransabank SAL. Also in 2009, Mr. Gemayel was appointed as a member of the Supervisory Council of Fransabank OJSC, a former subsidiary of Fransabank SAL in Belarus, and as its Vice-Chairman from 2017 until 2021. Prior to joining Fransabank Group, Mr. Gemayel was the economic and financial advisor to the Lebanese Prime Minister back in the years 1999 to 2000. He also held the position of an Assistant manager at DUMEZ – Civil Engineering and Contracting Company in France from 1988 till 1994. He holds an MBA in economics and finance from Insead and MS in civil engineering from Saint Joseph University in Beirut.


Rachaco SAL

Represented by Mr. Jad Charafeddine
Born in 1976 - Lebanon


Rachaco is an investment company at the forefront of diverse and strategic investment opportunities. With a focus on maximizing returns and fostering sustainable growth, Rachaco specializes in channelling investments into key sectors such as financial institutions, real estate development, manufacturing, and hospitality, both locally and abroad.

Mr. Jad Charafeddine holds a Master degree in money and banking from the American University of Beirut and a Bachelor degree in business management from the Lebanese American University.