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Fransabank OJSC Opened its Branch in Great Stone
Fransabank OJSC Opened its Branch in Great Stone
Fransabank OJSC Opened its Branch in Great Stone
Updated Note: Fransabank OJSC was sold in December 2021
In December 2018, Fransabank OJSC, Fransabank Group’s subsidiary in Belarus, opened a Fransabank branch in the China-Belarus Industrial Park (Great Stone), China’s Largest Overseas Industrial Parks.
Earlier in March 2018, together with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Belarus, and the esteemed Chinese Embassy in Belarus, Fransabank organized Partnerships on Belt & Road Initiative: Fransabank Group Seminar in Belarus, the first banking seminar catering for the financial needs of the Chinese companies in Belarus, attracting more than 50 major Chinese companies. In his speech at the event, Chairman Adnan Kassar had announced Fransabank’s plan to open its branch in the Great Stone.

As the former Soviet Union industrial base, Belarus, with its strong industry and great relationship with Chinese government, has attracted tremendous investment influx from China. During his several visits to Belarus and meetings with Chinese companies, Chairman Adnan Kassar and Vice Chairman Adel Kassar, as pioneers in the Arab countries to work with China, had sensed the strong need for high quality and efficient financial services from Chinese companies in Belarus. Fransabank, the only Lebanese bank with a presence in Belarus, has well taken the opportunity to develop business with the Chinese business community, making it the strategic partner for many Chinese companies in Belarus.

Chairmen Adnan & Adel Kassar launching the Great Stone Branch

Chairman Adnan Kassar at the Great Stone Branch